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Private Investigator Certificate (ONLINE – INTERNET BASED)
This is a comprehensive course designed to provide you with the necessary education needed to meet industry standards, and prepare you for the increasing number of jobs for Private/Loss/General  Investigators in the security, corporate, retail and legal arenas. Through practical exercises and hands-on training, you will learn not only the theory of private investigations but will have the opportunity to apply it.  Grade 12 or equivalency is required.  Fluency in written and spoken English is an asset to successful completion of the certificate. The certificate program consists of 4 courses – Introduction to investigations, Basic Surveillance Skills, Case Management and Professional Ethics.

Each course is $350.00. Textbooks are the responsibility of the individual student.  E-books are offered through the Academy.



This course is designed to introduce new investigators, and those interested in the field,
to basic tools of the trade: legalities, report writing, note taking, gathering evidence, court room testimony and statement taking. Research, case studies and projects are an intricate part of the program. Students must be prepared to do projects involving research at their local libraries.

2013 Course Starts – September 9th, November 11th
2014 Course Starts – January 27th, April 7th


This course is designed to provide new and existing investigators with surveillance
skills-foot, vehicular and stationary. Cameras, tools of surveillance operatives, surveillance reports, observational skills enhancement, client relations both in theory and in the field are a part of the program. Students are required to have access to camera equipment for the practical aspects of the course.

2013 Course Starts – September 10th, November 12th
2014 Course Starts – January 28th, April 8th 

Here is a sample lesson from the Surveillance Course. Hope you enjoy it!
Surveillance Basics/Lesson One  – SURVEILLANCE BASICS



This course provides students with the business end of investigations. They are challenged with multiple case management strategies, business managements, client relations, trust account reporting, strategy and planning for larger cases, contact data base development, building liaison relationships, professional development, self-employment considerations.

2013 Course Starts – September 11th, November 13th
2014 Course Starts – January 29th, April 9th



This course provides students with case studies involving decision making and ethical issues. Investigations often challenge the private investigator on moral, legal, and ethical grounds yet operating a business often affects the decisions made – sometimes as simple as to whether to take on a file or not. This course assists the investigator in mastering some critical thinking foundations to ensure success in business.

2013 Course Starts – September 12th, November 14th
2014 Course Starts – January 30th, April 10th