About Us

Welcome to 221B Baker Street! Remember Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson? The field of investigations has come a long way since those days. Our Academy came about as a result of the owners of Baker Street Agency – a Vancouver based private investigative firm – recognizing a need for training new investigators and offering upgrading and professional training for existing investigators. We have a combined expertise of 40 years in the legal and investigative field. Yet one of the most challenging aspects of firm ownership was finding trained new hires – other than retiring police officers that is!  Where did someone obtain training that would work in the private field? How could a company put their staff in the field and work towards successful results? In Vancouver, British Columbia, it was almost impossible to do — so imagine how difficult it was in outlying areas!

As private investigators we have operated in the Canadian market for 25 years now.
Our experience ranges from investigating missing persons, traffic accidents, to criminal defense work. We bring to the table experience that can only be obtained in the field along with various educational backgrounds that enhance practical skill. The aim of the Academy is to share this knowledge with interested students so that they can enter the field of investigations with a minimum level of understanding. Further professional training is also available once the initial diploma is completed.

Our Mission Statement is:
“To provide a full range of high quality investigative courses that encompass knowledge, integrity, professionalism, resulting in dedicated, honest and detailed investigators.”

We provide two types of training: online and classroom for investigators.  Speciality courses are also available.

On-line Training:

Your learning experience is complete – and it all happens in the comfort of your home.
Our tuition price includes all you need to complete your training: supplemental materials, study guides, learning aids, exams and instructor support.  All textbooks are purchased separately. You work independently, but not alone. Expert instructors and a helpful support staff are just a phone call or an email away.

Classroom Training:

Learn in a stimulating group environment. Our tuition price includes all you need
to complete your training: supplemental materials, study guides, learning aids,
guest speakers, exams and instructor support. Textbooks are purchased separately.